Review: 4.5/5 stars for The Prophet of Marathon by Bob Waldner



Title:  The Prophet of Marathon

Author:  Bob Waldner

Genre:  Literature & Fiction, Suspense

Publication Date:  November 16, 2015


James Bennett didn’t come to the Florida Keys to find a new father. As the rebellious, serially underemployed scion of an old-money New York family, he’d spent years disappointing the one he already had. But when smooth-talking ex-televangelist John Wainwright takes an interest in him, he spurns an invitation to grow up and finally join his family’s business on Wall Street in favor of staying in Marathon to help Wainwright rebuild his church.

When James’ faith in his new mentor and his infatuation with Wainwright’s beautiful, estranged daughter lead him into a maze of deception and double-crosses, he’s left to try to find a path to redemption on his own, and he can only hope that his father will still be there to meet him on the other side.

My Review:

4.5/5 Stars

The Prophet of Marathon was an intriguing read with mystery, suspense and a whole lot of what-in-the-world-just-happened moments.

I picked the book up at nine in the morning, waved off my husband and kids several time during the day (don’t judge) and put the finished book down eight hours later.  I was sucked in from the first page.

James Bennett is a slacker through and through.  Breezing through life on his talent at avoiding life and playing online poker, he was coasting along until the government shut down online poker and James was suddenly faced with having to find a real job.  He tried playing poker in the flesh, but that didn’t work so well for him.  James takes off to Florida and falls in with a smooth, personable ex-televangelist with a penchant for persuasion.  I liked James.  I think he had just the right amount of flaws to make him believable.  I mean we all know someone like him don’t we?  I know I do.

James’s relationship with his father takes a good bit of center stage as does his interactions with The Prophet.  James has been seeking his father’s approval all his life, but throws away all the opportunities given to him.  He would rather slack his way through life than work for something.  It is this mentality that makes him easy prey for The Prophet, who praises him and gives him the approval he’s been seeking from his father.

The Prophet of Marathon is a smart book with a solid writing, intriguing characters, a plot that keeps you guessing and subplots that only add to the richness of the book.

Thank you, Bob Waldner, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


The Prophet of Marathon is available on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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Armed with degrees from Duke University and the University of Michigan Law School, Bob Waldner moved to New York City many years ago to seek his fortune. Not being an adept fortune-seeker, he started writing fiction. He published his first novel, Peripheral Involvement, in 2014, and his short stories have appeared, or are scheduled to appear, in The Saturday Evening Post, Pinball, theEEEL and Mulberry Fork Review. He continues to practice corporate law in Manhattan, where he lives with his wife, Erinn, and his two daughters, Maureen and Madeleine. You can find him on the web at



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